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Bush hammer

Tool system for floor grinding machines to create surfaces similar in appearance to milling or shot blasting.


We make sure our customers always have the correct product.
Krug tools are universal in application and can also be combined into modular systems:


We manufacture after meticulous research and development using state-of-the-art processes. Our experience regarding utilisation and wear ensures the right product for every application:


Krug products are variable in use for all current machine types. Our tools are produced for application-specific parting cuts in various floor and wall coverings:


Our tools can be used effectively on concrete and screed floors and are compatible with machines from all established manufactures:

Special Products

We develop and manufacture individual tools in any quantity based on customer drawings or in-house design. We would be pleased to make you an offer.
Please use our contact form for your enquiry.

Wear protection

For many decades now, Krug GmbH has specialised in wear protection for tools in machines and systems used for mixing, regenerating and transporting highly abrasive materials.

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